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"Florida Crackers:The Cattlemen and Cowboys of Florida"
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Most people believe that the cattle industry and “cowboy culture” were first established in the American West, and over the years popular movies and media have supported this idea.

The truth is, the first cattle, together with settlers, horses and citrus plants were first brought to the U.S. by Juan Ponce de Leon in 1521.

After the settlers were forced to leave by the native Indians, they left behind their cattle and horses which roamed free for centuries.

In the 19th century, settlers who were mainly of Celtic and British descent, came down to Florida from Georgia and the Carolinas.

Some brought their own cattle with them and some rounded up the wild Spanish-descended cattle.

Those pioneering Celtic and British families were a major influence in settling the state of Florida and many of their descendants still own and run the ranches in the cattle heartland of South/Central Florida today.

Their life, with their efforts to maintain Florida, is part of an amazing and endearing "pioneer cowboy culture" that still exists today.

We are "showcasing" this unique culture in a revolutionary new
documentary film

– a film that, in many ways, will rewrite American history as most people know it.

All Photographs Copyright 2008, Uli Degwert